If you've been to every page on this site, you might've seen his name very often, or you might know him as Mikey Vasquez or Terrance Taylor. Well, believe it or not, he is the CEO & Founder of Computerized Valentine Entertainment. As a matter of fact, he wrote this, or to not be confusing, I wrote this.

Originally Jordan Kantrowitz, I was born October 8, 1997 as an orphan. It is unknown to what has happened to my parents, though I was quickly adopted at the age of three months by my foster parents, Nilsa Boria and Antonio "Domingo" Vazquez, while my last name was written accidentally as "Vasquez" in my adoption form. My father is currently the founder of the nonprofit orginization, Friendly Hands Ministry, Inc. I is the youngest in his family of seven, alongside my brother, Jawian, and sisters Naomi, Melisa and Alicia. During 2009, my mother had passed on by a seven-year fight with cancer. Two years later, my father remarried to Rosalin Disla, where Timothy was introduced into the family and his cousin, Christopher.

The best times of my life were being in New Jersey during the summer of 2007, where I listened to !!!'s "All My Heroes Are Weirdos", hence the very moment I decided to do music being September 2nd of 2007 around 4:31 a.m. Ever since, I was inspired from his church, singing Contemporary Christian music at an early age. Listening to punk rock from the '70s - '90s, I also used to spent hours studying music and biographies from well-known bands such as The Clash, Rancid and my personal favorite, Black Flag. Writing various genres of songs such as punk rock, psychedelic rock, hip hop, indie rock and so on, I planned all of my career from Demo until my last planned album, That Douche Bag Who Failed Math Class In Your Middle School inside countless numbers of notebooks I kept in my childhood backpack.

I've been in musicals since grade school. I had also supported Epic Theatre Ensemble's Annual Shakespeare Remix, where we'll alter the original version of a comedy or tragedy by William Shakespeare.

I've shown various styles in my specific genres, as well as covers and re-recordings of songs from my demo album, ''Demo''.

Over the years of my songwriting, I've been very philosophical, showing elements of boredom, the concept of origins and the obsession of death. I usually show free punk rock songs that involve inspiring words that may influence unusual behavior, but also shows preppy and absent-minded love songs in my indie pop and baroque pop. I've shown some melancholic and nostalgic songs within my indie rock, psychedelic rock and neo-psychedelia. I also attempts to focus on themes of religion, sexual intercourse and drug usage. For most of my hip hop is either very ecstatic or very mellow, exposing my personal thoughts. Either way, I include a lot of musical references and metaphors within it's lyrics. On the other hand, I also shown comedic songs that will make insults with celebrities, references to other artists, comments of my own thinking and observations about life, as well as making fun of myself with his comedy rap and comedy rock songs, which must be said I rarely do comedic songs. Most of my work from this style has been originated by the former comedy pop supergroup, Delicious Reasons, alongside Pimp Zaddy Sugar Cane III (Akiah Banks), Nadroj (Jordan Mayo), Baa (Kenyatta Antonio) and Lexus the Rapper (Lexus Carrington) with songs like, "Ass & Beer", "Low Down Dirty Bitch" and their breakthrough hit, "Backpacks & Shampoos", used as a parody of Driicky Graham's "Snapbacks & Tattoos". My stage name was MYQ. As you can see, I've decided to be as varied as possible. He has also stated he got most of his styles from his favorite artists, which are the following;

Wavves, The Flaming Lips, LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire, Justice, Tyler, The Creator, MGMT, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Limousines, Jack White, Panic! at the Disco, fun., The Magnetic Fields and Cobra Starship.

My biggest musical influences are David Bowie, Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, Black Flag, Led Zeppelin, The Cure, Alice Cooper, Jefferson Airplane, Dinosaur Jr., Radiohead, U2, Queen and The Rolling Stones.

My biggest comedic influences are Sarah Silverman, Jim Carrey, Reggie Watts, Brian Regan, Daniel Tosh, Adam DeVine, Anthony Jeselnik, Bo Burnham, Tom Lennon, Dane Cook, Nick Swardson, Tom Papa and Pete Holmes.

I plan to also become a film director and entrepreneur as well, due to my ideas of the three companies, Computerized Valentine Entertainment, Explosive Squirrel Productions and Novelty Island Publishing, not to mention my idea of a clothing brand known as Wonderboy, named after a song by comedy rock band, Tenacious D, featuring Jack Black and Kyle Gass.

I attend the Urban Assembly School for the Performing Arts with the pre-major of Theatre. I plan to go to college for film directory and film production and to finish recording Demo by the ending of my freshmen year. Although some of his Heavyweight Saturday, Majestic Wonders and film ideas haven't became a reality, I also plan to work on them until my lifetime goals are completed.

I'm currently working on Demo since it will be my first release before my debut studio album, ''Living as a Soundtrack''. I've included songs such as "Your Superman", "Tomorrow (Burn This World)", "Most Parents Don't Like Me" and "Living as a Soundtrack". Every track expect for "¡Viva la Mikey!" will be re-recorded in a different album in the future and "All That Remains" will be changed as "Country in it's High Heels" for my re-recording.

(Taken from my Wikipedia page, "User: Heavyweight Saturday")

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